SA006: Jenifa Mayanja - On The Edge Of The Horizon EP 12"


Jenifa Mayanja is a favourite amongst true deep house heads. Her work is smoky, jazzy, and emotive, and has come on labels like Underground Quality before now. Here she arrives on the sixth EP from fledgling but already cultured label Sole Aspect and shows off her sophisticated sound once more. 'Rise To The Top' is full of elegant harmonies and jazz melodies that dance on pulsing rhythms, 'Like A Dream' brings spiritual vocals to bold chords and dusty drums while 'Our World' has piano lines floating high over the languid drums and bass. 'Rose Colored Glasses' has fresh melodies and challenging synths that defy usual genre norms and bring all new ideas to deep house. This is music that elevates mind, body and soul.

Listen to On The Edge Of The Horizon EP


A1. Rise To The Top

A2. Like A Dream

B1. Our World

B2. Rose Colored Glasses

Mastered by: Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete Mastering

Artwork by: Amaré & Karl Injex
A&R: Amaré