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Colección Vol. 7 - [07.11.2022]

Laurindo Almeida - A Man And Woman LP

This album takes me to NYC, in particular the Ace Hotel lobby, hearing the strings over immaculate horns soothe the airwaves for a lovely couple discovering each other. A love story that reminds you of an age where compositions tested your imagination. The oh so effortless brazilian romantique...Almeida showcases infatuation at the highest level. Could have been a score to a film from the 1970's.

Henry Wu - Good Morning Peckham EP "12"

Jazz extrodinaire Henry Wu galvanized significant recognition for his signature keys and that UK bounce. Rhythm Section International boss Bradley Zero couldn't let Wu Hen slip through without leaving a trace. That's exactly where this EP is sonically taking you. A slow glide on a mission to retrieve your soul and once it has you, the groove locks you in. Impeck-able swings and the stand out track for me would be Yellow Brick, although very hard to choose.

The Deep - The Colours EP "12"

Some might not have heard of The Deep, well maybe not as a collective. Individually they are two of the highest praised deep house demigods; DJ Deep and Julien Jabre. If you've been collecting house music for the past two decades, you'd probably come across a heap of french deep art from these two. The Colours EP kicks off with its name sake, featuring keys from Olivier Portal [Playin 4 House]. Without giving away too much, this was released in 1999. :)

Moodymann - Pitch Black City Reunion "12"

Once was a $15 record, now climbing to $ fortune was favored by a generous individual who gifted me this elegant 2 track EP from Moodymann. What can be said about KDJ that hasn't been said already??? Well here's my go; the enigmatic Kenny Dixon Jr is the good soul brotha #1, never duplicated only appreciated. I happened to be listening to Radio Nova, La Nuit station and a track came on. The first 3 seconds of "Got Me Coming Back..." made my face squinch up. You know that face when the music is just too damn good? Now that I've built you up, the rest is up to you.

Thievery Corporation - Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi [2xLP]

Back in High School, my classmate Blair and I used to try and 1-Up each other, on who can find the best music. I remember at lunch he played me "vivid" taken from this album and I gave him the throne that day. Rob Garza and Eric Hilton gained 2 lifelong fans that day. Thievery Corporation remain a foundational part of my musicology as well as many more around the world I'd imagine. The perfect blend of dub-reggae, deep downtempo and future jazz. Their debut album gives you a taste of their musical capabilities, blending an assemblage of genres in a hypnotizing type of way. In 2013 I flew to DC their hometown, to see the full band together for 2-nights. Like I said earlier, they gain fans that significant day in my music history.

Colección Vol. 6 - [04.02.2022]


Beres Hammond - Music Is Life LP

If you grew up in the West Indies or spent your time encircled by caribbean influence, you would sure to have fell in love with Beres' voice. Gentlemanly and a pure romantic, Beres' lyrics, melodies and harmonies span generations. This 2001 LP on the timeless VP Records holds weight with any lovers rock album to this day. Cuts like 'Rock Away' 'Angel Eyes' and 'I Love Jah' give you insight to a god fearing man, with poetic license to swoon any race, shade or gender. Start to the finish another cold classic in the reggae books.

DJ Kemit - I Need You 12"

Fortunate to spend more than a decade of my life in Atlanta, I generated a foundational love for deep soul music. Many unforgettable nights at the Soundtable, watching Kemit leave no mercy for us on the dancefloor; seamlessly weaving through genres at his "Kickin' Up Dust" party. One half of the legendary Kemeticjust, his solo apperance here on Divine Recordings is an exemplification of all that matters in life...'i need you'. Definitely for the ladies, the main mix runs a solid 7 mins but make no mistake, let that s**t run all the way through. Respect to Kemit through and through. My brother.

Reflection Eternal - The Blast 12"

Sometimes life leads you down a path of discovery, especially when it comes to music. I heard Kwa say 'sometimes the music finds you.' A firm believer in this spiritual exchange, my first introduction to hip hop was Blackstar! Not only was that a blessing, Mos + Kweli's output became the essence of the blossoming young man I was at 15. Conscious music instantaneously engulfed me with swift metaphors on black culture, the utilization of lyrics to test your imagination; like a dope fiend, I was hooked. Reflection Eternal, the effortless partnership between Kweli + Hi-Tek is the perfect extension from Blackstar. I recall sitting on the stoop one summer in Flatbush and witnessing the impact of 'The Blast'. 'Even when we suffer losses, I count the victory'...lyrics that still live within my soul. Get hip if you ain't already.

Nico Lahs - Visions EP 12"

Now here's an Italian gentleman who makes very impressive house music. Influenced by New York dance music, Nico gets us lifted with every release. It was only right that NYC's Dailysession Records placed Nico in the US spotlight with his unmistakeable production. Visions, the 30th release on Dailysession has something for everyone. The self titled B2 - Visions is the stand out for me. With a cosmic broken beat rhythm, a nice 4on4 cadence and lovely warm chords...stays in the record. Big ups to Nico! ***Side Note: We connected during the pandemic and he's been very supportive of Sole Aspect. #respect

Colección Vol. 5 - [02.18.2022]

Femi Kuti - What Will Tomorrow Bring Remixes 12"

99' classic cut with impecable, signature remixes by two dons; Joe Claussell and DJ Deep. Femi's distinguishable voice shines throughout the project and most importantly, A1 features the legendary / grammy award winning Brian Mitchell...5 grammy's with BB King and Les Paul. Let the full 10 mins play through. #trust

Bizarre Tribe - A Quest To The Pharcyde LP

Back in 2013, a homie put me onto producer Amerigo Gazaway [responsible for this masterpiece] and I was speechless after hearing this unofficial LP. Most hip hop heads never imagined hearing Tribe and Pharcyde together on one project; 2 of the most influential groups in music history but here we are. For all the diggers, don't let this "bonita pass you by."

Marvin Belton - Bleed to be Free [White Label] EP

When people talk about Detroit heroes, Scott Ferguson [Ferrispark Records] isn't mentioned enough. Responsible for a magnetic array of releases, 'Bleed to be Free' is amongst greatness in the D. Marvin Belton's poetic and unforgetable lyrics might be the best way to start your day, or end your night; a gentle reminder of the ins and outs of life's relationships. A timeless beauty. 

Aroop Roy - Brazil Breakdown EP

I've got a real soft spot for Aroop Roy; one of those dj/producers that doesn't miss. Had the pleasure of seeing Aroop in action at the legendary Electric Pickle back in day. 6 hours of global sounds. Brazil Breakdown showcases just that; remixes of Seu Jorge and the unmistakeable Milton Nascimento. I'll leave you with this..."Tudo Que Você Podia Ser." #ifyouknowyouknow

Various - Adventures in Afropea 3: Telling Stories to the Sea LP

Superb finale to the Afropea series on Luaka Bop Records. I absolutely love this comp. Versatile roster of artists presenting African, Zouk and Funaná [dance genre from Cape Verde]. But the internationally acclaimed Cesária Évora leaves no room for mistakes in this project, with 2 of her most recited anthems; Bia Lulucha and Sodade perfectly placed. Next time hosting dinner at your home, put the needle on and your guests musical inquiry won't stop. "Who's singing this?" "I'm in love with this music. Where is this from..." you get the picture.

Colección Vol. 4 - [01.04.2022]

Francis Harris - Leland 3xLP

In an attempt to describe this man's body of work, I find myself without words; primarily due to the fact that his catalogue is singular, representing diverse sounds. From ambient to melancholic deep house, Francis is hard to categorize and I have admired him for many many years. Leland is his first full length album and a dedication to his deceased father. You may also recognize Francis as one 1/2 of the extrodinary duo, Frank & Tony. Francis is a gifted musician and he is one of the artist's whose work I buy instantly. 

Aqua Bassino - Baby C'Mon Remixes 12"

I first got hip to Jason Robertson 'aka Aqua Bassino' listening to an old mix from JT Donaldson. You know that moment when a song takes you away by surprise? Well nonetheless, Aqua Bassino instantly sent me down the diggin hole. Producing some of the best jazzy house from the early 2000's, this 12" features just that. Silky soul vocals over thumping baselines. The B Side features a remix by everything you would expect from Ron Trent. LUSH!

Bobby Womack - Safety Zone LP

A cold soul brotha from Cleveland, Ohio, Bobby's voice is one for the ages. Right when you hear his guitar strut, you know who it is. I picked up this LP the same year he left earth; 2014. Stand out tracks are "Love Ain't Something You Get For Free" and "I Wish It Would Rain". Talented roster of musicians featured on this LP...Herbie Hancock on the keys. :)

Kerri Chandler - Kerri's Jazz Cafe 2x12"

A gift from my bruv Keiran Neely, this double pack has something for everyone. Thought I knew most of Kerri's discography but this one was certainly a hidden gem. Perfect for any setting; the track titles sell you alone, "Relax Have A Spliff" and "Relax Have Another Spliff". You catch the drift? Subtle yet this record.

Mos Def - Black on Both Sides LP

In highschool I got hip to Blackstar and it wouldn't be long till I spent my days studying Mos Def's lyricism. My vocabulary grew, appreciation for poetry, style, approach to life...Black on Both Sides was just that album that molded me to who I am today. Fast forward a few decades, where I got to meet Mos and connect with him, we spoke about colognes, non-alcoholic beer, Trinidad, Paris, was breathtaking. It's no coincidence that this body of work is revered as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time. Big up Yasiin Bey!

Colección Vol. 3 - [12.08.2021]

Glenn Underground - Secrets of C.V.O. EP "12"

In 1997, GU released his debut 12" on the soon to be revered label, Guidance Recordings. Man I love this record. All 3 cuts are distinguishably structured around his love for jazz and sure to penetrate the dancefloor, no matter the time. Deep baselines and beautiful chords, through and through. #StrictlyJazUnit

Innov Gnawa - Aicha LP

Gnawa music is the heart and soul of Morroco. The NYC based group 'Innov Gnawa' keep their heritage alive by delivering ritualitic rhythms in this beautifully constructed LP. Little known fact; Jimi Hendrix once stayed at the home of Mahmoud Guinia (The King of Moroccan Music) to take lessons on Gnawa music. Nuff said.

Moods & Grooves - Classics V4 "12"

To kick this off, I must commence by giving Mike Grant his praise. Single handedly has dedicated his life to dance music. Moods & Grooves can be found in just about any record collection and has been essential to shaping my ear. Classics V4 holds two of the D's heavy hitters; KDJ and Rick Wade. I won't give away more than on sight!

The Golden Dance Floor Hits - Volume 11. "12"

Music with a message; master Gil Scott paints sonic imagery of his observations as a New Yorker. The Bottle is easily one of his most recognizable cuts within a deep poetic catalogue, spanning decades. The B Side has another dancefloor smash from the legendary Italian percussionist, Tullio De Piscopo. Also check out Theo Parrish's translation of Stop Bajon. HEAT!

Jesus Gonsev - Genki Dama "12"

The spaniards are some of the 'best kept secret' deep house producers on this planet. Jesus always delivered with his production. Genki Dama, released on Malcom Moore's Altered Moods, showcases 4 cuts of equal dancefloor strength. This one stays in the record bag.


Colección Vol. 2 - [11.01.2021]


Los Amigos Invisibles - Ease Your Mind "12"

Kenny and Louie deliver harmony, recitable vocals and deep baselines to the venezuelan band's soulful dancefloor smash. On the B side, Frankie Feliciano issues a signature reprise style edit that reminds you he's from NEW YORK! Hard not to move your waist line with this record.

Los Camaroes - Resurrection Los LP

West African legends, Los Camaroes release their final album in 1979. The accomplished camaroonian band has a remarkable finesse to music creation; an innate ability to provide music that is inviting to the ear. The perfect international sound to compliment the melodies in your home. 

Sabrina Malherios - Clareia Remixes 12"

Sabrina Malherios holds a special place in my heart and her tantilizing voice justifies why she is one of Brazil's iconic exports. Oh and btw, 2000Black, IG Culture and Henry Wu...all on one record??? Whatmoreyouwant? An amazing remix package from the pivotal broken beat and UK jazz savants.

Charlie Byrd/Aldemaro Romero - Onda Nueva LP

Byrd teams up with venezuelan superstar Aldemaro Romero and combine their passion for instrumentation thus fusing a latin jazz masterpiece. The sonics are very bossa and cinematic; very fiting for an Ian Fleming novel. 

Maxwell - Embrya LP

As an artist, Maxwell must have felt the pressure to deliver another exempliary body of work after Urban Hang Suite's critical acclaim. Although some overlook Embrya, to me it is a sensational follow up to his debut record. The mellowSmooth master embodies the spirit of musicianship. Fortunate to have the original pressing of this LP. 

Colección Vol. 1 [10.01.2021]

Om Kalsoum - El Hob Kollo LP

The queen of the nile...such a fantastic reissue of the most prolific songstress of Egypt. Arabic melodies usually flood the airwaves in my home, but this album stimulated my senses into a time portal. Never to be missed, you can hear the pain of childhood poverty echoing throughout her voice. 

Orient Expressions - Divan 3xLP

Turkish underground music is extremely underrated. My dear friend picked this up for me while in Istanbul on vacation. This 3xLP will blow you away; picture a pathway to an existential place within the ottoman empire. Think....Mirror Conspiracy by Thievery Corporation sonics. 

Various - The First Circle

Neroli's 20th anniversary was celebrated in 2020 with this exquisite release. Personally constructed and dream manifested by the man himself [ Enrico Crivallero], this album instantaneously became the soundtrack to my life during COVID. Peaceful and distintively poetic. Every Neroli release in my collection is special; they fuel my soul just as this one does.

David Rudder - Lyrics Man LP

As a fellow Trinidadian, I grew up on David Rudder. My father educated my sister and I on quintessential lyrics from this album, a sign of the times. Rudder has a tact for diverse wordplay, with the kind of righteousness / rebellious Trini lingo that showcases his praised talent. Get hip to Rudder...lyrics won't lead you wrong.

Sandra Sa - Vale Tudo LP

Sometimes records find you and this one sure did. A good friend always pops into Rush Hour when he's in Amsterdam. This past trip, he ended up meeting Antal outside the shop. This was one of his recommendations...brazilian boogie classic from 1983. A masterpiece from the incomparable artist.