SA001: Dubbyman - Assemblage EP 12"

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Dubbyman jumpstarts Sole Aspect's fortified imprint with 3 mesmerizing cuts. 'Assemblage' represents the prominence of Dubbyman and his widespread decadence to the deep house music community.

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The A1 “YOU KEEP ME WAITING” featuring the masterful Dan Piu, is a well-balanced composition of deepness…your senses become a servant to your imagination.

The B1 “NEVER KNOW” has soul sincerity carefully measured over a fantastic baseline, featuring guest vocals by the talented Ras Vadah out of South Africa.

The B2 “IT’S DOWNTEMPO” is exactly as the title states, featuring groovy instrumentation by the gifted Arturo Sanchidrian…listen for a nod to the ‘jazz hole era’.

Dubbyman appears courtesy of Deep Explorer Music
Dan Piu appears courtesy of Moto Music and No Acting Vibes

Mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann @ Complete Mastering